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People updates

Linda Tonk  Linda Tonk: on maternity leave (27-Mar-2014)

Aaron Chai  Aaron Chai: Supervising Students and maintaining the upkeep of the Mesocosms Project (06-Nov-2013)

Dorothea Bender  Dorothea Bender: SUBMITTED (23-Oct-2013)

Giovanni Bernal Carrillo  Giovanni Bernal Carrillo: Currently in charge of Running and Maintaining the Mesocosms Project (29-Jun-2013)

Nela Rosic  Nela Rosic: so happy after being awarded with UQ ECR Grant. (10-Feb-2013)


ARC Laureate Fellow
Prof. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Coral Reef Ecosystems
Dr Sophie Dove
Photobiology of isolated reefs and their ability to withstand a range of future climate scenarios
Senior Research Staff
Dr Simon Dunn
Cnidarian-Dinoflagellate Symbiosis
Postdoctoral staff
Dr Pim Bongaerts
Molecular ecology of mesophotic coral ecosystems
Manuel González-Rivero
The effects of Climate Change on coral reef associated invertebrates
Dr Paulina Kaniewska
Impacts of climate change on coral reefs
Dr Olga Pantos
Interactions between microbes and the environment
Dr Mathieu Pernice
Influence of rapid environmental changes on cnidaria-dinoflagellate symbioses
Dr Nela Rosic
How environmental stress factors affect coral partner in symbiosis - unicellular photosynthetic dinoflagellate from genus Symbiodinum?
Dr Linda Tonk
Vulnerability of the GBR to coral bleaching: symbiont diversity as a measure of reef risk and resilience.
Management staff
Research Assistant / Technician
Mr Giovanni Bernal Carrillo
Research Assistant / Technician
Mr Aaron Chai
Research Assistant / Technician
PhD Candidate
Ms Dorothea Bender
Effect of climate change and ocean acidification on coral reef algae
Ms Alicia Crawley
Assessing the Risk of Ocean Acidification for the Great Barrier Reef
Mr Norbert Englebert
Coral communities of the lower mesophotic zone
Dr James Kar-Hei Fang
Marine ecophysiology and ecotoxicology
Ms Anjani Ganase
Understanding Drivers of Spatial Distribution and Configuration of Benthic Communities Across Broad Spatial Scales
Mr Robert Mason
Linking coral physiology to improved methods for the satellite detection of coral stress
Ms Catalina Reyes-Nivia
Effects of climate change on bioerosion of reef carbonates
Mr Francisco Vidal Ramirez
Effects of past, present and possible future seawater environments on sea cucumbers of genus Holothuria and the sediments they process.
Occupational trainee
Mr Matheus A. Mello Athayde
Effects of climate change on the coral Acropora formosa.