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Mr Robert Mason
Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland
Gehrmann Laboratories (#60)
St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia

(tel) +61 (0) 733653548
(fax) +61 (0) 733654755


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Position: PhD Candidate
Last update: 10-Mar-2014


Linking coral physiology to improved methods for the satellite detection of coral stress

My project examines light, temperature, and the interaction of these two factors in causing physiological stress to corals. We know that too much light, or too much temperature, or both, will lead to coral stress, coral bleaching, and can cause coral mortality. If we understand the relationships between light, temperature and stress well enough, then we can use satellite remote sensing to detect reef areas around the globe that are at risk of bleaching, in real time. My aim is to understand the physiology of coral stress in enough detail that we can improve the accuracy of how we detect stress using remote sensing.
Keywords: coral bleaching, coral health, coral physiology, photoprotection, remote sensing


BSc(Hons) Biology - Macquarie University - Honours I (2006)
BSc Biology - Macquarie University (2005)


Student Travel Award, Ocean Sciences Meeting (2014), Paul C. Silva Student Grant (International Phycological Society) (2014), Fulbright Queensland Scholar (2013), Joyce W. Vickery Scientific Research Fund (Linnean Society of New South Wales) (2013), Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia University Student Grant (2012), Australian Postgraduate Award (2011), Macquarie University Honours Scholarship (2005), Australian National University Summer Scholarship (2004)