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Manuel González-Rivero
Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland
Gehrmann Laboratories (#60)
St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia

(tel) +61 7 334 69576


Ms Anjani Ganase

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Position: Postdoctoral staff
Last update: 11-Jun-2012


The effects of Climate Change on coral reef associated invertebrates

The combined effects of CO2-driven ocean acidification and temperature rise have been demonstrated to be deleterious for survivorship and growth of many marine organisms, and corals in particular. In marine invertebrates, temperature is well established as an environmental cue that controls biological processes such as growth and reproduction. A rise in temperature may alter the conditions within which many marine invertebrates have evolved, compromising their viability. However, despite the burgeoning literature on the effects of climate change on corals, little is yet known about the responses of other numerically and functionally important groups of reef species, such as sponges, octocorals and bryozoans, to mention a few. Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero recently joined the Coral Reef Ecosystem lab as a Smart-State funded postdoctoral fellow. His research will investigate putative effects of climate change-related alteration in temperature and CO2 concentration on the phenology of common invertebrates in the Great Barrier Reef. The initial phase of this project is aimed at understanding how biological processes, such as growth and reproduction, of common reef invertebrates can shift in time or compromise the species’ efficiency under future climate change scenarios, with a view to integrating their physiological response with their function and distribution in the ecosystem. Further research will be targeted at modeling the expected distribution range of these individuals under different CO2 emission scenarios.


BSc(Hons) Biology - Universidad Central de Venezuela - Ecology (2005)


Fondo National de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (Venezuela) (2008), Fundación Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho (Venezuela) (2008)