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Mr Francisco Vidal Ramirez
Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland
Gehrmann Laboratories (#60)
St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia

(tel) +61 (0) 733653548
(fax) +61 (0) 733654755


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Position: PhD Candidate
Last update: 25-Oct-2012


Effects of past, present and possible future seawater environments on sea cucumbers of genus Holothuria and the sediments they process.

The aim of this research is to identify the mechanisms and processes involved in the ecology and physiology of deposit feeders (sea cucumbers) that play an important role in the re-mineralization (in the form of ammonia products) and the Calcium Carbonate dissolution in a coral reef. The purpose of the project is to understand how these behave under different scenarios of temperature and pH (modified through pCO2 manipulation). I will test these variables under pre-industrial conditions, normal conditions (observed in the field and acting as control) and two future scenarios of temperature and pH projected by the IPCC 2007. Furthermore, the interest of this research is to understand how these conditions could also affect the microbial communities present in the sediments where the sea cucumbers live and feed.
Keywords: Calcium Carbonate, CO2, Holothuria, Sea cucumber, Temperature


BSc(Hons) Marine Biologist - Universidad de Valparaiso - Graduate with Honours (2009)


Becas Chile, Doctorate Scholarship, Chilean National Commission of Scientific Investigation and Technology (CONICYT). Extension of the Scholarship is 4 years (2012)