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Dr Pim Bongaerts
Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab
School of Biological Sciences
The University of Queensland
Gehrmann Laboratories (#60)
St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia



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Position: Postdoctoral staff
Last update: 02-Jun-2014


Molecular ecology of mesophotic coral ecosystems

The term ‘mesophotic coral ecosystems’ has recently been adopted for the deep, light-dependent coral communities that we find at depths in excess of 30 m (usually confined to a maximum depth of 100-150 m). These communities have received little attention compared to their shallow-water counterparts due to their relative inaccessibility. However, recent technological advances (ROVs, AUVs, technical diving) have sparked a renewed interest in these ecosystems, especially as they seem to be largely protected from several major reef stressors, such as storm events and elevated seawater temperatures. By exploring the molecular ecology of mesophotic coral ecosystems, we hope to get a better understanding of the ability of these deep reef areas to act as refugia and more importantly to re-seed shallow reefs post disturbance.
Keywords: connectivity, deep reef, ecological speciation, ecology, mesophotic, population genomics, RADseq, Symbiodinium


PhD Biological Sciences - The University of Queensland (2011)
MSc Limnology and Oceanography - University of Amsterdam - Cum Laude (2006)
BSc Biology - Utrecht University (2004)


UQ Early Career Research Grant (2014), The Explorers Club (NY) Grant (2012), Catlin Seaview Survey - Deep Reef Survey (2012), Pacific Blue Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowshop (2011), Virginia Chadwick Award - Best Student Papers 2010 (2011), GBR Foundation - Bommies Award 2010 (2011), Australian Geographic Sponsorship Grant (2009), PADI Foundation Grant (2008), Endeavour International Post-Graduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) (2007), Project Aware Foundation Grant (2007), Netherlands-Flemish Ecological Society Award (2006), Schure-Beijerinck-Popping Grant (2006)


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